Circumstances have necessitated Greenville Area School District to utilize a Flexible Instructional Day (FID) on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.  Please refer to the information below for your child(ren).


Greenville Elementary School

FID Packets

Paper assignment and activity packets for students in grades K-6 will be sent home prior to the first flexible instructional day. These packets will contain assignments for a possible flexible instructional day.  Packets will also be posted on the teacher’s website or their Google Classroom site.


When Are FID Assignments Due?

Flexible instruction day assignments will be due within two days of the FID. For example, if a flexible instructional day is called on a Monday, the FID assignments will be due on Wednesday, the second day following the flexible instructional day. Any student who does not submit the completed FID assignments within two days will receive a zero.


How Will Attendance Be Recorded On A FID?

Attendance for students will be recorded when they submit their FID assignments within two days. Students who do not submit completed FID assignments will be marked absent, and a valid excuse will be required within three days per the district’s attendance policy. Absences on FIDs will count toward students’ accumulated absences for the school year.


Live FID Sessions

Regular education, learning support, and special class teachers will conduct live hours via Zoom or Google Meets.  Attendance at the live sessions is strongly encouraged, but optional.  A schedule of live sessions can be found at the end.  Special classes will still follow the ABCDE rotation.  Please note that there will be no computer classes for grades 3, 5 and 6. A special class schedule for each teacher can be found on his or her site.


If your child experiences difficulty, please email his or her teachers directly, or contact Mrs. Heather Hawkins via email at or by phone at (724) 588-2500 x1000.


Elementary Live Sessions

8:30-9 9-9:30 9:30-10 10-10:30 10:30-11 11-11:30 11:30-12 12-12:30
Kindergarten 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade 6th grade Special
Area Classes
  Mrs. Bauer Mrs. Cooper     
1-1:30  2:30-3      
Mrs. Pilolli  Mrs. Pratt      




Greenville Junior/Senior High School  (Grades 7-12)

On Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs) students should login to their school-affiliated Google accounts and access each of their teacher’s Google Classrooms in the same order and times as the students’ regular school day schedules. 


If a student’s regular school day schedule is as follows

Period 1: Social Studies

Period 2: Math,

Period 3: English, etc….


On a FID, the student should access the Social Studies Google Classroom during Period 1, the Math Google Classroom during Period 2, the English Google Classroom during Period 3, and so on throughout the remainder of the day.

Students are not required to login during study halls and lunch periods.

Teachers will host live Google Meet sessions for a portion of the class periods and will provide assignments through the Google Classroom platform. 

Attendance will be taken during each class period during a FID, so students must login to ensure they are marked present for each session.

If your child experiences difficulty accessing Google Classroom, please email his or her teachers directly, or contact Dr. Keeling via email at or by phone at 724-588-2500.


The GHS class schedules for Junior High and Senior High are included below for your reference.

Junior High Senior High 
1st Period7:45 - 8:331st Period7:45 - 8:33
2nd Period8:37 - 9:202nd Period8:37 - 9:20
3rd Period9:24 - 10:083rd Period9:24 - 10:08
4th Period10:12 - 1:564th Period10:12 - 10:56
5th Period (lunch)11:00 - 12:145th Period11:00 - 11:44
6th Period12:18 - 1:026th Period (lunch)11:48 - 1:02
7th Period1:06 - 1:507th Period1:06 - 1:50
8th Period1:54 - 2:388th Period1:54 - 2:38