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The Greenville Area School District's dedicated staff is involved in school and community programs as well. Over 60% of both elementary and secondary teachers have a master's degree or more.  The "Here's Looking At You, 2000" comprehensive drug and alcohol program is taught in grades K-12. Teachers also serve in leadership roles in various Pennsylvania organizations. The Staff is involved in the PA award environmental education program in conjunction with the Greenville Area Leisure Services Association. Teachers keep up-to-date through the many local, regional, and state In-Service Programs. Participation in the Commonwealth Partnership (NEH Institute) on Teacher Literature is active in the Secondary Schools.

The staff shows commitment in their development through individualized two-year plans. The Staff offers Active Student Assistance and Instructional Support Teams for grades K-12. An Alternative Educational Classroom for secondary students is housed on-site.

The staff focuses on the community and career aspects of the student through Community Service Student Volunteer Programs (grades 7-12), Community Service Projects (K-6), and work study programs. This is largely supported by our extensive career resource center. One of the newest major resources include the Access Pennsylvania program.

The staff at Greenville dedicates itself to the preparation and development of its students through Kindergarten screening and monitoring programs. In addition, there is a five year curriculum and materials review process. The staff also supports a mentor relationship with Thiel College. 

The Greenville Area School District considers itself as having a true school-community partnership which provides mutual support and concern. There are active parent - teacher organizations and Parent Boosters for sports, activities, and academics. The School District is proud of their extensive recreational activities in cooperation with the Greenville Area Leisure Services Association.


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